5 simple tipps fuer eine gesunde ernaehrung

GESUNDE ERNÄHRUNG Gesunde Ernährung ist wichtig, nicht nur für unseren Körper, sondern auch für unsere Gesundheit. Wir geben Ihnen einfache Ernährungstipps mit großer Wirkung. Probieren Sie es aus. Jacob Wackerhausen/ Thinkstock  85 GESUNDE ERNÄHRUNG Da gesunde Ernährung so wichtig ist, lesen Sie unbedingt auch noch folgende Artikel: ☞ Gesundes Essen für Kinder ☞ Mit den […]


How to Get Inspired

Has your story gone to the dumps because you don’t know what to write? Read on for some tips to get inspired! Take a moment to breathe and reflect on your goal. Do you want to write a poem? Do you want to write a short story? This step may take some time, and you […]


Simplify Your Daily Life with Technology

Devices like notebooks and iPads, and, of course, desktop computers are everywhere in our lives. If you’re dealing with a chronic condition, technology provides a way to receive the care and support you need, even if you often find it difficult to ask for assistance. I’m not talking about the cold, impersonal interactions often associated […]


How to Organize Your Life

Does it seem like there aren’t enough hours in the day, or dollars in the bank? Is your car usually running on empty, and your trash can full? You’re suffering from a common affliction of being too busy — you have no time to spare, and no time to unwind. The good news is that […]


How to control your anger

Dealing with anger “Everyone has a physical reaction to anger. Be aware of what your body is telling you, and take steps to calm yourself down,” says Isabel.   Recognise your anger signs Your heart beats faster and you breathe more quickly, preparing you for action. You might also notice other signs, such as tension in […]


How to Live Life to the Fullest

The meaning of your life is something you create day after day with your own actions and thoughts. Always ask what you can learn, and how you can move forward, and stop yourself from blaming other people if things aren’t the way you would like them to be. What living life to the “fullest” looks […]